How old do I have to be to get a tattoo? 

Must be 18 years old and present your ID. If you do not have your VALID ID, you do not get tattooed.   


Do you take walk-ins? 

Yes! Saturdays are specifically set aside for walk-ins.  


How much is a tattoo? 

Pricing varies from tattoo to tattoo. Depending on style, detail, & color it will run you about $120/hr.


What is the shop minimum? 

$60. That is for basic very small, single color tattoo. 


How can I schedule an appointment? 

You can either come down to the shop/call to schedule, or message the shop Facebook here. You must have a deposit to schedule an appointment though, whether it be cash in person, or pay-pal if it's over social media.  


What is your deposit policy? Do I get it back if I cancel my appointment? 

Deposits are required for all appointments, if you do not drop a deposit, you do not get an appointment. Deposits are non-refundable, and are $50. They do not come off the tattoo in the end. The deposits cover the art, setup, time.


How should I prepare for my tattoo? 

The day of your tattoo appointment be sure to arrive promptly. Be well-rested, fed, and hydrated. Dress appropriately: wear something comfortable that gives easy access to the area to be tattooed and that you don't mind getting ink on (things can get a bit messy in the tattoo area). Feel free to bring in some sort of entertainment: iPod, a good book, a friend for conversation, etc. to help pass the time. Before you start, you will fill out a release form (you'll need your ID), and your artist will make a stencil of your design. Your artist will place the stencil on you and the two of you will decide exactly where it should be placed and how big it will be. Then the tattoo will begin! After your tattoo session is done, the artist will bandage you, you will pay, and then be sent home with aftercare instructions.  


Do you do cover ups? 

Yes, we do a lot of cover ups here. What is a cover up? This is when you have an existing tattoo - maybe something that is older, and the wearer no longer likes the tattoo for one reason or another and has a tattoo artist design something to go over it with a new design. The goal is to completely cover the old tattoo so that you cannot see the old one underneath it. 


Does it hurt? 

Well of course, but how much it hurts really depends on the tattoo and placement and your own tolerance level. The important thing to remember is, the pain is usually very minor (not as bad as you'd think) and the pain is only temporary. The tattoo is forever. Think of a long annoying cat scratch…


Can I take pain medication or alcohol? 

In general, over-the-counter pain medications do little to help with the pain you might experience while getting a tattoo, plus Aspirin and other NSAIDS such as Ibuprofen, Naproxen, etc, have at least some blood-thinning qualities to them. Aspirin is most effective at thinning blood so we recommended you not take aspirin at least 1 day before your tattoo. It is generally considered okay to take an over-the-counter pain reliever to relieve pain or swelling from the tattoo AFTER the tattoo is done - However it is important for us to mention that we are not medically trained and cannot legally prescribe any medicines or diagnose health concerns. Please consult your doctor for advice if you're concerned about this.  

What is your policy on touch ups? 

Touch ups are free within the first year of your tattoo. After the first year, we will charge the shop minimum which is $60.  


Can I bring a friend? 

We recommend bringing only 1 friend to come and sit with you, anymore than that, then the shop gets too crowded and hard for your tattoo artist to focus. Please be respectful of other clients and artist by not bringing a crowd with you.  


Do you sell gift cards? 

Yes! They are available here as needed.  


Can I bring a loved ones ashes/cremains and have them mixed into the ink? 

The short answer is no. This practice has been done before, and recently has had a resurgence in popularity. That being said however we don't know if it is a completely safe practice because there is little research done on the potential risks or side effects.  


What types of payments do you accept? 

Preferably cash. A couple of the artist will accept credit/debit cards, cash app, Venmo. You will need to ask your artist personally what they will take.


Do you allow kids/dogs in your shop? 

Only if it is a service dog.  We strongly advise not bringing young children or infants into a tattoo shop. We are constantly cleaning here, but one never knows what a child can pick up by crawling around the floor, or just being near someone getting a tattoo. Also, young children tend to get very bored and it's extremely disruptive to other clients if children are running around the studio. As long as they are with a parent or guardian, minors between the ages of 12-18 may be allowed to watch or sit quietly during your session.  


Do you to piercings or permanent make-up?

No we do not offer piercings. We do have a permanent make-up artist! Check out Amy’s Portfolio under the “Portfolio” tab up top.

For piercings, we highly recommend Jessica Dietrick @ Tattooz Ink.


If you have any further questions, please feel free to give us a call at  530-378-5661.